Defining your Design Ethics

“Design Ethics” is a term that I randomly came across while scrolling through my feed. I’ve interpreted it as: “taking your gut feeling about what is right and wrong and applying it to the design projects that you choose to work on” ...but that's just me. How did I come to this conclusion, you ask?

Well, my first realization of this Design Ethics concept was when I didn’t agree with the mission of one of my clients. Let’s just say that the business model was for people to be compensated for something I personally believe shouldn't be sold. I didn’t agree with it, but I ended up working on the project any way. It was a good experience in testing myself, and I started some good discussions with my friends on the topic of morals and personal morals in design.

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10,000 Hours Debunked

I’ve been listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist (good album!) and the first track is titled Ten Thousand Hours–referencing the theory that Malcom Gladwell popularized: The 10,000 Hours Rule. Basically, Gladwell suggests that after completing 10,000 hours of work in your field you are considered an expert. A Master.

And sure, 10,000 hours seems like a long time...I started calculating how many hours have I already logged in this wonderful field of design.

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