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Official Chuck Jones Website

Chuck Jones is the American animator (and cartoon artist, and producer, and director) responsible for creating classic animations such as the Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Rikki Tikki Tavi. The purpose of his official website is to display his biography and artworks for sale.



  • Original website was a standard blog
  • For the redesign, our client requested an "exciting and animated" new website

Our Process

For this website redesign——my role was to research Chuck Jones' biography, develop storyboards for the site, watch cartoons (of course!), and design the Chuck Jones Experience. Our team decided to bring Jones' animations to the web browser through scrolling actions by developing an interactive cartoon that would bring worlds and characters together; we called it the Chuck Jones Experience. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Chuck Jones' original work and to create a website he would have been proud of. Overall, we incorporated quirky elements, bright colors, and lots of fun animations, but we kept the flow concise as to not hinder the shopping or the information experience. The idea is fun, unique, and stands out—much like Chuck's characters and stories.

The website was a horizontal-scroll, so I had to stitch together multiple scenes and cartoons.

Our development team decided to use animated gifs, for more depth and surprise with each featured character:

My Photoshop art board during the process:

Website Launch Party

We were very lucky to have Blackwing Pencils sponsor the website launch at their gallery event. It was a fancy night complete with art auctions and cocktail attire. The proceeds from the auctions benefitted the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a non-profit founded on teaching art to children.

In 2014, it was announced by The Webby Awards that this website was awarded a 2014 Honoree for the Art category! 

Project Team 2014

Designer: Charlene Chand
VP Design & Development: Devin Schvaneveldt
Developer: Will King
Principal: Corey Mangold

Project through GigaSavvy