Roadtrip Nation was ready to launch their career exploration guide and needed a web presence to spread awareness.

As an in-house designer, I worked with multiple teams on website design incorporating alternate messaging for A/B testing, social media designs to follow the “road trip” theme, and digital advertising assets.

My Role

  • Lead Website, Social Media, and Paid Ads Designer


Social Media Assets

I had the opportunity to add a hand-lettered approach to our social media designs. The campaign expressed the “road trip” theme and we also included a poster giveaway for the book buyers who pre-ordered.

Poster design by Ryan Lee. Book design by Chronicle Books.

Poster design by Ryan Lee. Book design by Chronicle Books.


Digital Ads

The marketing and copywriting teams defined the campaign direction and I assisted the team with various sizes of digital ads to be used as retargeting ads, and Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest sponsored posts.




I worked closely with our marketing and copywriting teams to understand the important aspects of the campaign. Also, I worked closely with the web development team to map out wireframes and getting approvals before going into the design phase.


The team’s efforts on bringing awareness to the Roadmap book exceeded expectations. The book was listed on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2015!

Below is a trailer video that was featured on the Roadmap website:

Project Team

  • Digital Designer: Charlene C.

  • Marketing Manager: Cameron P.

  • Social Media Specialist: Hannah F.

  • Copywriters: Alyssa F. and Mara Z.

  • Web Developers: Scott C., Kevin Y., and Martavis P.