Roadtrip Nation

Enabling Opportunity Youth to Discover their Career Interests

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo Credit: Unsplash


Project received a grant from AT&T to deploy an online curriculum focused on career exploration to middle and high schools to at-risk schools (opportunity youth) across the U.S.

Business Objective

The goal was to transition the LMS design and development from an agency to our in-house product team in order to save time for future software improvements. This transition was also an opportunity to identify and solve for current users’ pain points and to design an onboarding experience for thousands of new users.

My Role

  • User Testing

  • Information Architecture Design

  • Competitor Research

  • User Flow Design

  • Wireframes

  • Clickable Prototype Design

  • UI Style Guide

  • Led Brainstorming Sessions with Executive team

  • Onboarding Experience Design

  • UX Documentation

  • Accessibility Design



Our team had the opportunity to meet with educators and students in the applicable communities and ask about their current processes to better understand areas of improvement.


As the lead UX/UI designer for the project, I was the information architect and created mobile-first designs. The designs adhered to the overall Roadtrip Nation brand, and I was able to design a system that applied to the LMS and marketing materials.


We found out that the students’ final projects could not only be available to upload by YouTube, since most schools block YouTube from their campus. I developed user flows to help solve for this issue.


The LMS needed pass W3C Level AA accessibility guidelines to ensure that the products were available to use by all people.



The LMS added 50,000 new users within the first school year, spanning from admin, faculty, high school and middle school students. It was well received due to the video-based curriculum presented on a responsive web application.

This was Roadtrip Nation Education’s first time testing out an agile process and Product team. It was successful because we were able to determine priorities and release the product on time with minimal bugs. The process was adapted for all digital products at the company.


Project Team

  • UX/UI Designer: Charlene C.

  • Product Lead: Annie M.

  • Software Engineers: Kevin Y. and Scott C.

  • Copywriting: Mara Z.

  • Scrum Master: Cassie E.

  • QA Tester: Jen C.

  • Program Implementation: Kristen P., Molly G., and Jenny P.