Simsei Simulation

Educating Surgeons through Simulation Training Courses

Photo Credit: Applied Medical

Photo Credit: Applied Medical



Simsei Simulation started out with the goal of solving a gap in surgical education. For the past few years, Simsei Simulation has developed a laparoscopic simulator, a metric tracking simulator, and tactile, realistic organ models and skill exercises. The team was ready to share their developments with the market.

Business Objective

The team needed to separate themselves from the parent brand in order to share their offerings with the surgical simulation audience. Our R&D team learned that audiences were connecting the parent brand to medical device sales, and this mindset was negatively impacting Simsei Simulation’s education goals (“Are you sure this education program isn’t a ploy for us to buy your medical devices?” - Audience). Our R&D and Branding teams worked together to develop a new brand with online educational products for Simsei Simulation.

My Role

  • Wireframes

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • MVP Design

  • User Flow Design

  • Interface Design

  • UI Style Guide

  • File Exporting

  • Brand System Design:

    • Online Web Applications

    • Event/Trade Show

    • Print and Sales Collateral


This project is currently in development. Project images will be released soon!



  • A demonstration of the MVP led to a local educational institution’s purchase of version 1.0!

  • Through the use of design, we were able to unify all of the moving pieces of Simsei. Everything was disjointed before, so developing a cohesive visual design paired with consistent copywriting helped package the product as a system to be ready for sale to the surgical simulation market.


Project Team

  • UX/UI and Brand System Designer: Charlene C.

  • Clinical Specialists: Heidi H., Tong C., Candice B., Peter D., Darlene N., and Laura W.

  • Software Engineers: Branden C., Edwin D., and Misha O.

  • Multimedia: Korinn S.