Simsei Simulation

Educating Surgeons through Simulation Training Courses

Photo Credit: Applied Medical

Photo Credit: Applied Medical



Simsei Simulation’s goal is to close the gap in surgical education and to shift the training mindset from time-based to competency-based. Clinical experts and R&D engineers collaborated to develop a laparoscopic simulator, a metric tracking simulator, and tactile, realistic organ models and skill exercises.

My role was to design and launch their online educational products and design a visual brand system for cohesion across all of the offerings.

My Role

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • MVP Design

  • Interface Design

  • Brand System Design:

    • Online Learning Modules

    • Event/Trade Shows

    • Print and Sales Collateral



  • The release of the minimum viable product led to a local educational institution’s purchase of version 1.0!

  • Through the use of design, we were able to unify all of the moving pieces of Simsei. Developing a cohesive visual design paired with consistent copywriting helped package the product as a system to be ready for the surgical simulation market. The simplicity of the design allowed for future brand growth.


Project Team

  • UX/UI and Brand System Designer: Charlene C.

  • Clinical Specialists: Heidi H., Tong C., Candice B., Peter D., Darlene N., and Laura W.

  • Software Engineers: Branden C., Edwin D., and Misha O.

  • Instructional Design Lead: Stephanie M.

  • Multimedia: Korinn S.