Simulation Education

Educating Surgeons through Simulation Training Courses

Photo Credit: Applied Medical

Photo Credit: Applied Medical



Simulation Education’s goal is improve training in surgical education and to shift the learning norm from time-based to competency-based achievements. Our Clinical Specialists and R&D Engineers collaborated to develop a laparoscopic simulator, a metric tracking simulator, and tactile, realistic organ models and skill exercises.

My role was to project manage, design, and launch their online educational products, as well as design a visual brand system and materials for cohesion across all of the offerings.

My Role

  • Project Management

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • MVP Design

  • Interface Design

  • Brand System Design:

    • Online Learning Modules

    • Event/Trade Shows

    • Print and Sales Collateral



The team began by organizing their needs into a site map. I assisted by researching competitors in the surgical simulation space.


Our immediate goal was to release an MVP (minimum viable product) in order to meet contract obligations. I worked across departments to understand user needs and determined which features could be worked on at a later date. I developed the project timeline and designed a style guide for the software engineers to utilize as they built out the online web-based application.


The team had the opportunity to visit UC Davis, where they observed residents utilizing simulation exercises. This helped paint a picture of our user journeys and goals.


After the release of the MVP, I organized and coordinated with our clinical specialists, engineers, multimedia teams, and instructional designers to determine the project needs for the next release.
My efforts included comprehensive presentations to catch up members who were jumping in on the project and also a clickable prototype design to share a visual goal of the application.


I worked closely with our Instructional Designers to break down the course content into self-learning modules.

Articulate Rise Example.JPG


  • The release of the minimum viable product led to a local educational institution’s purchase of version 1.0!

  • Through the use of design, we were able to unify all of the moving pieces of Simulation Edu. Developing a cohesive visual design paired with consistent copywriting helped package the product as a system to be ready for the surgical simulation market. The simplicity of the design allowed for future brand growth.


Project Team

  • UX/UI and Brand System Designer: Charlene C.

  • Clinical Specialists: Heidi H., Tong C., Candice B., Peter D., Darlene N., and Laura W.

  • Software Engineers: Branden C., Edwin D., and Misha O.

  • Instructional Design Lead: Stephanie M.

  • Multimedia: Korinn S.